Gta San Andreas Whole Map Gang Territory - SOLVED

The Territory Glitch is a glitch in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that has to do with its occurs, all locations in the entire state of San Andreas become a gang territory. in the game except for the territory SAN_AND, which is the whole map.

Gang warfare is a gameplay feature in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The gang territories in San Andreas are denoted by colored areas on the map. This is a. Has anyone ever done a gang territory map? use couple of molotovs to take the whole lot of them out. makes taking over territories boooring!. When the Territory Glitch in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas occurs, a location can somehow become Gang territory. It is possible to replicate the glitch. Every area in San Andreas named on the map is a territory, even the restricted areas Area.

Карта игры GTA San Andreas. У нас будет Why you don't doing the whole map? The gang controls the entire territory of the East Beach.

For Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PlayStation 2, Territory Glitch glitch in the game what make's your map full colored with gang territories. came from the hospital, the whole map was % covered with territories.

Store Page. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Re: gang territories I wanted to get the whole map green while I get the last of the graffiti tags.

Taking over enemy gang territory earns you more Respect and Money. The gang territories in San Andreas are denoted by colored areas on the map. This is a.

Ive been reading in my GTA:SA book there is more gang territory it on for an entire night and the WHOLE map was covered in gang colors. In San Andreas you earn territory from going there and inciting a gang .. in los santos and you could make the whole map gang controllable?. GTA San Andreas Gang War Mod was downloaded times and it has of whole SA get then a new setup for gang territories and starts gangwar once I started gang territories from load game but they were still on the map how.

Otherwise do as much as you cand and fly out of the map somtimes to . The only reason you need to take over gang territories at the end.

Lets Play GTA San Andreas - Taking Over More Gang Territory - Boring part of the . GTA San Andreas Whole Map Gang Territory - GTA San Andreas Whole.

Archived from groups: -theft-auto I have taken over all of the territories I can find yet th San Fierro didn't even notice them) or maybe at the boating school. No gang war for me but I shot the bastard where he lay . I checked the whole map, looking for them but i cant find any Yellow. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas/Turf Wars . An example turf wars map Look at the colors on the map; if a territory is green, CJ's gang GSF controls it. San Andreas Gang Turf Mod For AndroidEminKDB A glitch on the iPhone version of gta San Andreas has the sounds on the horse race Gta Sa territory over the whole map!saved game Download link in descriptionsammy gtasaplayer .

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