What If Wolverine Father. 2018

Can Logan find redemption and be a good father? Raising Daken will be Wolverine's greatest battle. PLUS, What If: The Venom Symbiote.

Wolverine kills the Winter Soldier but not before he murders Itsu. He tearfully cuts her open and pulls out his newborn son John. He promises him that things will.

Can Logan find redemption and be a good father? Raising Daken battle yet! Plus, What If: The Venom Symbiote Possessed Deadpool – Part 2!.

What If? Wolverine has 8 ratings and 1 review. Nada said: This must be my lucky day: I read two great comics! This was a very interesting read. What If Wolverine Father [Rob Williams] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Written by ROB WILLIAMS Penciled by GREG TOCCHINI Cover . What If? (Issues) (18 Book Series) What If? Wolverine: Enemy of The State If you want to see and enter all of our current giveaways visit the Today's.

If you have found something that is not seen on this page, please add it to this list. (This template will categorize If? Wolverine: Father #1 "Wolverine: Father". 26 Dec - 17 min - Uploaded by Comics Explained What If, sometimes rendered as What If?, is a series of comic books published by Marvel. Language. English. Genre. Superhero. Characters. Wolverine. Type. Cover What If Wolverine Father (Marvel) #1 NM See Actual Photos Rare.

A What If? story telling the tale of Wolverine saving Daken's mother from assassination by the Winter Soldier. Also featuring part 2 of Deadpool.

What If: Wolverine - Father What if the Venom Symbiote Possessed Deadpool, pt. 2. If there's one person who shouldn't raise a child, it's a berserker killing.

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Issue #, What if Wolverine was a Horseman of War? Sabretooth found them , revealing the truth about his father's past to Daken.

[no title indexed] (Table of Contents). Wolverine / cover / 1 page (report information). Pencils: Leinil Francis Yu; Inks: Leinil Francis Yu; Colors: Jason Keith.

WHAT IF WOLVERINE: FATHER. Publishers: MARVEL COMICS GROUP. Dates: 1 Feb Issues: CLICK HERE to view issues, super-size cover images and.

I think the better question is, “Why doesn't Wolverine go by the last name Creed?” According to Wikipedia, Wolverine's birth name is James. Daken is a recent charater in Marvel's history. The once, believed dead son of Wolverine came back to wreak havoc as part of the Dark. Courtesy of Marvel Comics, here s an advance preview of What If Wolverine Father, in stores on 12/08/! WHAT IF WOLVERINE FATHER.

This issue of What If showed that, actually, not really. Wolverine's the gruff father figure of the X-Men and Marvel superheroes in general, but it. Marvel What If Wolverine: Father #1 Venom Possesed Deadpool 2 of 4 | Collectibles, Comics, Modern Age (Now) | eBay!. WHAT IF WOLVERINE FATHER. If there's one person who shouldn't raise a child, it's a berserker killing machine. In the regular Marvel Universe, Logan wasn't.

How Wolverine and Spiderman always somehow end up working . Would make sense if he could smell, or otherwise sense, that this is his kid. New Mutants Marvel Checklist, All issues of this Marvel Comic book are shown. ), Author: Joan Urquizo, Name: (What If) Wolverine Father ( ), Length: 27 pages, Page: 1, Published:

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